Sunday, August 2, 2009

Display Items for Stitches & Craft Show

Holy production frenzy! I thought about putting a disclaimer on my products saying “no slave labour was used to create these products with the exception of mine and my mother Mazzy’s”!!! Without her help last week I would not be able to say today that ALL 160 kits are complete and ALL 100 wonkies are ready to be packed.

First ever wonky kits! What a nerdie self portrait. I do love my teal wall though.

Here is Mazzy assembling a wonky kit! Thank you Mazzy! You are HIRED!

All of Mazzy's help allowed me to focus on getting the tshirts going, and also play with some packaging ideas:

My handy Dad “Tricky Micky” got a production-frenzy-guernsey too – and after an email exchange of schematics brought down this clothesline inspired apparatus for my display at the Stitches & Craft Show. Brilliant! My craft nightmares are subsiding. I think I was having them largely because I was uncertain how this would work. (Excuse the mess in this photo!)

And while there is something slightly unnerving and seemingly cruel about hanging wonkies from their ears....I think this clothesline display will be great for showing things vertically:

Now I have to finish the drop cloth…but I got the Juicy Roo sign last week and am very happy with it.

Tricky Micky made this grid structure too, which was brilliantly designed to be assembled on site...but the plywood tightened a tad after being after seeing him whacking it into place with a rubber mallet, I decided I did not need the additional stress of trying to tackle that, and have this thing breaking on me come August I think I will throw it in the back of my trusty ute as is, and rest assured it will be a fabulous place to display wonkies.

Now. Where was I? Oh, thats right: greeting cards and tshirts. More about them later!


giftscreated said...

This is looking great. I too am having the delema of coming up with something to hang my birdcages along. Looking forward to seeing it up on the day I'll be at stand 164. I love your designs. See you then.

Juicy Roo said...

Thanks so much for the note Sarah - I will definitely come and say HI at the show. Let's hope the "clothesline" apparatus stays upright...its a big experiment at the moment! Ciao, Julie

pepper said...

they look great! how exciting (and i love that teal wall too) I'll see you there!
x Pepper

taniamc said...

I love your displays, I've seen it on a few of your entries! I've got a handy dad too, and I'm curious how you guys put the clothesline apparatus together, if you wouldn't mind discussing it!