Monday, August 24, 2009

Unbelievable the Show is Over...For Now!

All I can say is WOW. Actually I have HEAPS more than just that to say! But it will take a few entries no doubt to say everything I need to. In a nutshell: the Stitches & Craft Show was the most rewarding, inspiring and fabulous experience. I am positively HIGH on all the amazing people I met, all the incredible talent out there on display, and I can't wait for the Melbourne Show! I hope I never lose the level of enthusiasm and passion I have for creativity that I feel RIGHT NOW!
OK I'm sorry for being a self-promo NERD but for everyone who didnt make it to the show, here is a pic of me with some of my goodies:

and here is my gorgeous mother Mazzy who was such a massive help, and so selfless throughout the show (and before!) and I was delighted to share the experience with her:

I wanted to get pics of everyone else in Incubator but of course got side-tracked every time I went to venture out with my instead I will share my finds: (and it will take a while to get them all up here!)
Check out my sock monkey! I did a workshop with the lovely and hilarious Kristie from Rourke and Henry: my sock monkey had the most "junk in his trunk" (i.e. those were Kristie's words coz his butt was kind of big!)

A big highlight for me was meeting the lovely Nanette from Rummage and her gorgeous mother Joan...Nanette was making these exquisite little peg dolls and I originally bought one, then two, then thought of getting a few for gifts....ended up with five and I honestly don't think I can part with ANY of them. This little redhead was perfect for me! She has a daisy on her dress, and I am self-professed daisy CRAZY! I just loved them all.

And look at this one! SOOOOOO SWEET!

It all went so fast and before I knew it I was packing up my ute again to head across the mountains back to Bathurst. In the five days I was gone, the cherry blossoms have started blooming. YAY. Spring is in the air!

I got heaps of other goodies and will write more later. How lucky was I to get neighboured with the Ink and Spindle girls? They were even lovelier than their fabric, and that is off-the-richterscale lovely. More about them and my latest I & S stash later.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came by and showed their support. xoxxx


JazyJae's said...

It was so lovely to have discovered you and met you at the show.

christi said...

Hurray! Sounds like the show inspired the most inspiring person I know. Go Juicy!

Annie said...

Hey Juicy, great to meet you in Sydney and discover your blog. I love my special card you gave me and I agree with you on those lovely little dolls. They're gorgeous

Cathy said...

Loved meeting you and your gorgeous mum - your stuff is amazing. My head was in such a fog most of the time I forgot to check out all your cards! There is always next time, isn't there -hopefully Melbourne.

Have a well earned rest.

Cathyx (Audrey and Maude)

Nikki said...

Great to hear that the vibe has stayed with you.... I'm just really TIRED! Your work is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

It was so great to meet you (and Mazzy) at the Show - it's lovely, upbeat people like yourself who make the Show experience so incredibly worthwhile. Keep up the lovely work Juicy!

Shelbyville said...

Oh, and I meant to ask if it was ok to borrow your pic to add to my blog post? I loved reading through your blog and have added it to my blogroll of creative friends :)

Chookyblue...... said...

nice to meet you in Sydney........oh and Mazzy too.......

Louise said...

Loved meeting you and your lovely Mum! My little one is in love with her newest friend Ivy Pie who was instantly elevated to 'sleeping buddy' which means she's pretty special. I think your work is just lovely!!