Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spoonflower Fabric Ideas

I have had ideas percolating for many months for printing my own fabric. Some of the background patterns that I design for the background of my Juicy Roo cards would make for great fabric. Being a lover of geometric retro daisy patterns, being able to print my own fabric is a bit ridiculously exciting. Just what I need - another creative obsession! I recently discovered Spoonflower, an amazing new company based in the US offering print-on-demand fabric. Have not ordered anything yet, but intend to get the swatch print asap so I can start dabbling.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Juicy Roo Cards for Bambinos

I'm grateful for my relationship with Peta's shop Bambinos on George here in Bathurst. I was surprised to see the card rack half empty after dropping off almost 100 just before Christmas! Its great that she can tell me exactly what customers are asking for. For example..."we need baby shower cards!" Me being child-free and clueless about these things, I always have to ask the obvious questions...."does the baby shower happen before or after the birth of baby?" I'm grateful for Peta's guru knowledge about these things! Here are the first two new shower cards:

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Quest for the Perfect Apron

Inspired by a recent request from my extremely fabulous sista-in-law Snizza, I got busy trying to design a pattern to make the perfectly shaped apron. So far I have made two, and while the end results have been pleasing, the cut is still not quite perfect. I managed to spend the last four days of my holidays in a mad stitching frenzy. It was exhilarating! You can see the challenges I am having with my new Canon 400D digital camera. Soooooooo have no clue what I am doing. Its on my list of things to master. Here is Snizza's apron, using turqouise corduroy and a divine little piece of Echino fabric.

So Much Fabric, So Little Time

Is there something wrong with me? I admit it. I am completely obsessed with fabric. Sometimes I find myself sitting in front of this mondo mound of textile divinity with the creative hamster in my brain running on his little wheel, thinking, thinking, thinking...
Is this normal behaviour? I recently met a textile junkie who COMPLETELY understands. Thank you Lisa! And I thought I was completely alone. We have organized a fabric swap of extreme succulence and I am excited!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year??

OK So whats the deal with the technology gods and me at the moment? I was beyond horrified when I sat down to get creative yesterday and my imac exploded before my very eyes. Exploded is a strong word, it just went fizzzzzzz and then the screen went blank, and I couldnt turn it back on. I'm devastated. Apple politely inform me that while 2.5 years is not the average lifespan of a $2,400 computer, shit happens. Shit most certainly does happen, and it seems to have happened to me. While I can buy another one, I discovered that my back ups were not quite as comprehensive as one might hope. I know, I know, that part is my fault. How could I have forgotten to back up my website? Oh dear. Anyway, I saw this proverb in a mag and I have decided it will be my mantra for 2009.