Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage Lara Cameron Tote!

OK it might be a stretch to call this fabric Vintage but given its from a while ago, and not available anymore (at least in this colour way) I consider it vintage! It took an important birthday to bring me to be able to take a pair of scissors to this lovely piece of ginko fabric by Ink & Spindle's fabulously talented Lara Cameron. So when my sweet sista-in-law Snizza had a birthday yesterday, I got busy stitching.

In a perfect world I could have made it a smidgeon wider but overall I was happy with it and she loved it so that's the main thing!

A little bit of zipper action:

A spot to hang your keys:

And I'm loving the silver metallic thread these days for top stitching reinforcements! (This thread represents a positive in my ongoing love/hate relationship with Spotlight)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Love Your Experiments (as you would an ugly child)"

When I lived in Canada I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the work of graphic design guru Bruce Mau (although referring to him as a graphic design guru still seems somewhat inadequate as he is much much more than that). Anyway his studio came up with "An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth" which has to be the most inspiring set of rules for any creative person. One 'rule' that I am constantly trying to make friends with is #4 on the list - to love your experiments as you would an ugly child! It always makes me chuckle but I must admit that I do find it hard to love creations that I feel are inferior in any way.
Enter stage left sock bunny Exhibit A. I'd been contemplating revisiting a sock bunny project that my friend Cyd and I tacked in Grade 8 sewing class! After further inspiration from the fabulous sock creature creations discovered at Sydney's Stitches and Craft Show by Kristie from Rourke and Henry and Claire from Craft Schmaft, I tried to remember how we made them (it was 1985 after all!), and I whipped up this rather dodgy looking character. As is often the case when I "wing it" ...I cringe a little at the results. This poor bunny needs a prettier face, more stuffing in her limbs, and nicer eyes! But I am loving her anyway as an experiment - and a starting point to improve on. After all, the first wonky I ever did was very odd-looking as well. So here she is, and I am loving her, as I would an ugly child.

I do like her whiskers though:

and her fully lined apron dress!