Monday, July 27, 2009


Every time you do something 160 times it takes a while. I picked this magic number out of the air, that was my target for the number of wonky kits I wanted to have ready for the Stitches & Craft Show which starts officially in 21 days...and I am officially ILL with nervous excitement. My horror dreams have started (ie show starts and the last fifty things on my to-do list have for some reason been completely ignored!) I am SO GRATEFUL my sweet mother Mazzy has come down this week to I have a full time job and there are only so many minutes left in the day once I get home from work. She is also going to help me at the show and I am so proud to have her there, as she was such a huge stitching inspiration to me when I was growing up. In addition to helping with all sorts of show-related tasks, she is CALM and RATIONAL and without her support I reckon I would be a MASSIVE basket case.

The good news is the kits are well underway: my studio desks are covered in bits of paper:

I must admit though, that the kaleidoscope of colour truly soothes my soul...

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