Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stitches & Craft Wrap Up #2

OK so I am a bit late with this post, but I wanted to make mention of some of the ultra groovy stuff I picked up from the talented crafty chicks at the show!

It was awesome to meet Michelle from Shelbyville, and I just LOVED this collection of stories and her awesome Illustration + graphics about...laundromats! I will never look at a laundromat the same way again. I had to buy two of these coz I have a special friend in Canada who I hope will love it as much as me!

I LOVE this lined pouch by Lily Pad Designs. Having made a few lined pouches in my time, I had a deep appreciation for the flawlessness of this little creation. And that fabric! Divine. I bought this pouch on Day 1...just couldn't resist.

How groovy are these silk screened cards from Surface Art? So lovely! I think I might even frame them...

I've always loved Julie Paterson's work from Cloth...and summer is on the way so I think I will make a skirt with this lovely fabric pack. I chuckled when Julie said she was not a good sewer. She's pretty good if you ask me!

Just loved this print from Kristen Doran. It will SO be a panel in a skirt. Another skirt! I have way too many skirts. But they are so easy and quick to make: I don't reckon you can ever have too many if you make them yourself!

And how could I not come home with a bundle of delight from my lovely neighbours, Ink & Spindle? And instead of cleaning my house this weekend, I finished my Ink & Spindle "Wonky Trio"....that I hope to feature on the front of my wonky pattern that will be available SOON.

If its possible to imagine, I do have a few other show goodies but I think I will post about them when they are being turned into creations! Until next time....happy stitching! xo


Cathy said...

love all your loot! You did well. Love the wonky trio too, how cute have they turned out - I am just about to make up some of the fabric from the Ink and Spindle girls too - now what should I make?

Juicy Roo said...

I don't think it matters what you make with Ink and Spindle fabric - its so gorgeous it makes any project look divine! Look forward to seeing what you create. xo

Annie said...

Love that KD panel that I also have hanging up in my sewing room, and the "wonkies" are pretty cute too.

ink and spindle said...

Nawwww, you guys..
Juicy! I got my fantastic t-shirts today!! Thank you thank you!
xx Teegs


Love your stash from the show..
Great colours. Can't wait to see the finished skirts make sure you strut your stuff for a photo.

Anonymous said...

Do you a have a perfectly easy A-line skirt pattern you could recommend for a beginner? Thanks!