Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun Treats for Easter

I managed to whip up these little treats for my niece Ivy and my nephew Jeddy in time for Easter. I bought the little kraft boxes at spotlight for a few buckeroonies and got out the Prismacolor Pencils. I've never made a secret of how much I love using them on kraft paper...especially the white pencil. And white Prismacolor Pencils make the BEST tailors chalk. I could never find a tailors chalk pencil that wasn't IMPOSSIBLE to sharpen (they always seem to break!) I just use my trusty white Prismacolor Pencil. I digress.

Here are the tops of the boxes:

The sides:

And of course inside:

It was a mega challenge not to eat all the contents as I was colouring...however I did find the willpower because by the time I was colouring I had already bought a second bag of Cadbury Eggs after the first bag accidentally disappeared. How can you not devour those tiny little morsels? They're the perfect "oooh I'll just have four" size. And four is never enough.

Monday, March 8, 2010

No New Ideas?

An interior designer I worked with in Canada told me that in the world of design, there are no new ideas, and I disagreed. But every now and then I am reminded of where she was coming from...check this out:
I designed this little graphic a couple of years ago and at the time I thought it would be a fun silk screen print on a tea towel, or fabric to make an apron.

I think I blogged about it many moons ago because it ended up on a MOO postcard. Anyway yesterday I was in Spotlight and I found this:

Now I am certainly not claiming that there is some sort of intellectual property infringement going on here (heck they could say the same about me!). I didn't invent this style of graphics, there are probably hundreds of similar designs out there. I just think its interesting how similar it is, thats all. The cup shapes, the ring on the plate, the shape of the knife? It spins me out. I still think there is such a thing as NEW IDEAS though. I think we have to keep pushing ourselves to be original.