Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bunny Brooches

When my friend visited recently from Canberra her two little girls (aged 3 and 5) were not too keen to leave the juicy zone. I promised I would send them a treat in the mail (who doesn't love treats in the mail!??) and I just finished these bunny brooches for them.

Wonky Twins

Two new wonky twins, who are nameless at the moment. Made from corduroy, featuring Echino fabric.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lined Pouch

What do you get when you cross a vintage zipper bought on ebay, a piece of lovely Echino fabric and salvaged denim from an old pair of jeans? A perfect home for a handful of Prismacolor pencils! I'm still trying to master the art of these lined pouches, there is one tricky part when inserting the zipper. I made one a while back that turned out to be the perfect pouch for my digital camera.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Birthday Card

Here is a very 70s disco-inspired card that will accompany Peta's birthday present. Its always good to test new designs on people! I think she will get a good chuckle out of this mighty 'fro.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Fabric and Felt

I admit it. I like fabric and felt way too much. This little stash will be used to make my next Wonky batch. Oh, thats right, I still have to finish the other Wonky batch!

Letterpress Obsession Continues

How lovely is letterpress? So lovely! One of these days I will get my hands on one of those antique beasts. Until then I will fantasize and continue to acquire lovely letterpress things, like this "Sew Crafty" card from Letterpress Delicacies in Texas, and the Love card from Eggpress in Oregon.

Daisy Crazy and proud of it!

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a love affair with the shape of the daisy. I can't help it! Amongst my constant supply of tshirts that I make, the humble daisy appears frequently. And I mean FREQUENTLY. Can a girl have enough tshirts with daisies on them? Not this one. Look! Here is a new tshirt....and lo and behold...its got a daisy on it!

I'm sure old school embroiderers would be horrified with my chunky style of stitching...

Button Score!

There are many fabulous things about spending a weekend with your Mum, especially if it happens to coincide with her cleaning out her crafty cupboard before moving. Look at this fantastic vintage button score! Not to mention the old box of chocolates they have been living in for the last couple of decades. These buttons were about to be donated (no doubt to a worthy crafty cause) until I intervened with a desperate cry of "waaaiiiiiiit!". I am a worthy crafty cause! These buttons will have a home with me where they will be adored. Even the bizarre little fabric covered ones that have lost their loop on the back and can't be sewn onto anything anymore! Thanks Mazzy.

Tshirt Neckline

Being the extreme stretch-sewing enthusiast that I am, I tend to strive for perfection. Some may articulate it more as a tendency to obsess over things just a tad. I'm OK with this. It keeps my mind stimulated. The irony is that at the end of the day, its probably more a case of personal preference as to which approach is better. The neckline on this tshirt is a perfect example. This tee is a birthday gift and I simply was not happy with neckline No. 1. I didn't like the way you could see the stitches, even if it was subtle. So I went for the tried and true neckband, which looks a bit gathered in the pic, but once being worn, smooths out to be the perfect combination of comfort and funkiness. Love this Echino fabric by Japanese textile artist Etsuko Furuya. Gorgeous. Happy Birthday Peta!!!

Fuzzy Fabric from Dressew, Vancouver

Thank you to my dear friend Adele from Vancouver for your most generous package of furry fabric from your recent visit to Dressew. Oh how I miss Dressew! Here is a sample of just one of the fuzzy pieces you sent, the fabric is absolutely perfect for Wonky faces. Thank you again, I am so grateful!

Incomplete Wonkies

There is something so tragic about incomplete wonkies. Especially the ones that have eyes already. They seem to look at you with their half complete little faces and cry out to be stitched together. Here is an official wonky declaration: I WILL FINISH YOU!!!