Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mathilda's Wrap Up

Wow. I'm TIRED! Admittedly I got myself into a frantic flurry last week with all sorts of last minute tasks that were probably insignificant in the broader scheme of things, but hey, that's craft markets for you. All in all the day was a success. I'm not sure if having to travel to these kinds of events is all that feasible, it puts a lot more pressure on you to make the market a success if you are trying to cover the cost of getting there (especially if you factor in the travel time). And let's face it, if you are trying to run a business you have to factor these things. My business is more like a hobby on steroids as I have a full time job. But I'm still learning, and the marketing exercise and exposure is unbeatable, and its so great to see all the other delicious things on offer.
Meet Nellie, a new wonky using recyled fabric. There are only two of her on the planet:

A new display item for me was the wonky house, I wanted something to display the wonkies vertically, a flexible system for markets when the table is provided and I don't know before hand how big the table will be. Its always hard to get a good photo at indoor markets, but here is an idea of how the set up looked:

The clothesline ties between the post at one end and the wonky house at the other, so no matter what size the table is, I have a system to accommodate my goodies.

The hooks on the side of the wonky house came in handy for hanging wonkies in bags! (There's Nellie again)

And I launched the first wonky patterns! Featuring the wonky trio on the cover made with the lovely fabric from Ink & Spindle. I sold a handful of these patterns, one day I'd love to see some wonkies that others have made from my patterns and kits.

Huge thank you to my gorgeous mother Mazzy for your help, to my amazing friend Genius for everything, and of course Gramps for his exceptional wonky house building skills. xo Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mathilda's Market in Canberra

I'm excited to be a stallholder at Mathilda's Market in Canberra at the end of February. But I must admit it has put me into a bit of a crafty spin....I am seizing the opportunity to create lots of unique pieces with beautiful fabric that I've been hoarding (some for years). I have such a hard time using it if I really really love it. But I did declare after the Stitches Show in Sydney to stop being precious about precious fabric! I'm focusing on wonkies and tshirts for the market, and am so grateful for the FABULOUS scissors I got for Christmas from my gorgeous Mum. They absolutely ROCK MY WORLD and yes, I am aware how nerdy that sounds. But they do.

And I must admit by far the most fun part about making wonkies is exploring all the different fabric combinations that give them their many awesome fabric designers out there...

We all know that crafty chicks can never have too much fabric but I think I might be walking a fine line. What do you think?