Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Dresses for Little Girls

Trying to find a winter dress for a girl who loves yellow was not easy. I searched the shops high and low and simply couldn't find anything remotely enticing. So I decided to get stitchy instead. Here is a pic of the dress I made for my little friend Charlotte who just turned 9. I wanted to make a dress that she could wear in winter over tights and a long sleeve tee. So I modified this pattern and lined it, nothing worse than your dress sticking to your tights, major personal peeve! I was really happy with how it turned out, and I'd like to make a few more for some of the other gorgeous little girls in my life who are long overdue for a treat from Juicy Roo.

The yellow fabric is actually from Ikea! They were scraps left over from a rather crazy skirt I made for myself last Christmas. And the green corduroy was also sitting around, waiting to be turned into something loveable.

Stitching such a small garment turned out to be deceptively fiddly. Shorter seams, but not as much room to move. I think I'll try a different technique for the next one to make lining it easier. And I'll share how I do it, I promise.

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