Sunday, April 29, 2012

Millthorpe Market

Earlier this month I had my first ever visit to the Millthorpe Markets. It was a great day out and VERY busy for a tiny place like Millthorpe. I am contemplating being a stall holder later this year, given it is only 40km from home and I have a fair stash of excess stock to clear. Big call, knowing me lately...

Anyway my score of the day was this fantastic find, sculpted from an old corrugated iron fence. How fabulous is he? At $40 I couldn't resist. I wondered if this was a flippant purchase but after two laps of the markets I just had to go back and pick up my pooch. I can't even put a link here for the metal artist, it was his friend selling them for him and it was a very low key commercial affair: not a business card in sight! Anyway. I worried someone might nab my new canine friend from my front yard. But, one month later, so good!

Also: around the same time, I finally took the plunge and bought a new "point n shoot" camera. My trusty Canon PowerShot S30 (a whopping 3.2 megapixels!) had served me SO well for almost a decade, but it was finally showing its old age (no doubt after being dropped a few times and thrown off the roof of my house). So I bought the current equivalent: the Canon PowerShot S100. And oooh lah laaaaaah what a divine little camera it is. I love it. And I've been pointing and shooting a lot ever since.


I SO have to do something about that tired painted concrete at the back of my house. Big job though. We'll see. Adios, for now. XO

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