Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pastel Drawings

It is almost one year since I pulled back from craft shows, and started going to a weekly art class. As usual, I am terrible at posting my progress. So I thought I would share a few drawings. It is amazing how quickly Wednesdays come around, and for every class I need to come up with a project to work on. I have been pushing myself to do some more traditional drawings, because the whole reason I started the class in the first place was to get away from my natural style and try something different creatively.

I was really happy with how these pears came out. I guess I couldn't escape my style completely, given I chose fuchsia for the background!

After drawing the fairy wren last year, I discovered that I love drawing Australian birds. I wasn't over the moon with my first attempt at the lorikeet, but I do love working with vibrant colour. Might have another crack at this one day.

 I did fall in love with this little clown fish however. I found a photo (below) from Getty Images and you'll notice there was a bit of creative license with the colour....that would be Juicy Roo doing her thing again.

This butterfly is missing her white spots...I haven't finished her either. I really do find it SO hard to get to my art in between classes. Which is one of the reasons why I continue to go to the class - it forces me to sit down and focus on drawing for 2 hours - something that NEVER happens in my week.

And then there was watercolour.

I had no idea paintbrushes could be so precise! This really was an instant love affair, way bigger and more intense than my crush on pastels!  The Rules for Cooking Perfect Pasta. My very first ever attempt at watercolour. Merilyn (my fabulous art teacher) laughed when I said I only had four colours. When I was finished I declared I could have got away with only two colours!

I made this little pouch for my watercolour brushes. Water colour is crazy amounts of fun, and seems to suit my scribbles perfectly. 

It is almost as though I have come full circle, and am rediscovering my style yet again, with a different medium. How cool is THAT?!  I'm working on a fun streetscape that I will share as soon as it is finished. XO

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Bianca said...

Love that you've taken up something else. they all look fantastic, keep doing it... and post more often ;)