Monday, June 14, 2010

Gocco Hiccups!

K so there I was. I cleared away all other potential interruptions, and left the Queen's Birthday for me to roll up my sleeves and get busy printing.

Artwork prepared, Gocco unpacked and ready for action: Check.

Chair strategically placed at window to distract cat and prevent her from walking on fresh prints: Check.

Screen burned, ink applied to master, all going well:

Here is where things start going pear-shaped:

I've read about this happening. Of course I didn't consider it would happen to me, I envisioned a flawless print run....the carbon from the toner stuck to the screen, well more than the carbon stuck, even the PAPER stuck! Ouch. I knew this master was toast but printed a few anyway and quickly decided to have another crack with a fresh master. (Its painful though, every master you waste is about $15 worth of supplies!)

I remember reading that if your photocopied artwork has any moisture in it, the carbon may stick to the master. So I got out the iron, and turned off the steam and applied the iron to the artwork to dry it out. The second screen I tried to burn was better, but still had some major carbon sticking problems. No paper stuck I printed a few more...(man the printing bit is heaps of fun, I had to force myself to stop b/c it was coming out all wrong...)

So its back to the drawing board - I think I have to make the photocopy lighter, I'll try that - I only have one master left so I think I'll get some more supplies before commencing the next experiment. Its a pretty amazing little unit, I so hope I can work out how to get a good screen, coz the printing part is super easy and heaps of fun.
So the rest of my day got freed up to do something with guaranteed results: I made a lined A-line skirt with a lovely piece of winter woolly fabric. Its nearly finished, I'll have to post a pic! Ciao for now. xo


yardage girl said...

Printing anything is totally addictive, and I love your little print! I've never used gocco, so I'm not much help, but Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes is a pro -

Juicy Roo said...

Hi Nic! Thanks for the tip. Will definitely check out that link. Cheers J xo

yardage girl said...

Pleasure! Bias binding maker from Spotlight and other such stores! Nic

Off The Peg said...

The prints look good. I like the colours. Hope you manage to get the carbon issues sorted out. Good luck

Lara said...

Hey Juicy!!

Oh I'm so late in reading this!! But my tip - baking paper!! Iron baking paper over the carbon original and you'll find a faint image of the carbon transferring onto the baking paper. Do this a few times to basically reduce the carbon in your original.

Also, use the blue filter if you got one - it reduces the heat from the bulb a little to help prevent over burning :)

Good luck!! Love your design BTW :) totally wise and totally agree :)