Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gocco Experiment, Here I Come...

I first heard about GOCCO right before I left Canada to move back to Aus in 2006 and have been coveting one ever since. Despite them not being made any more, I was slightly anxious about the concept of having one and then one day not being able to buy supplies any more! But as they say, I'll deal with that when and if it happens! It only took four years but a few months ago I purchased the PG-11 and its been sitting in my bedroom whispering to me ever since. So its time to bite the bullet and have some fun with it. I'm not very good at loving my experiments and given this is a whole new application for me, its taken a while to dive in. ANYWAY long weekend coming up = lets have some gocco fun baby. So I've prepped some artwork, the PG-11 came with enough supplies for 3 designs, so here is what I plan to experiment with:

I can't claim the rights to this phrase, I scribbled it in my journal after seeing it in a graphic design apologies for not being able to reference it correctly!

Hows this for a drawing with absolutely no point:

And this is an old design that I thought might be fun for printing on fabric one day. But for now I'll print it on paper and see what happens:

I'm terrible for percolating on projects and not having a finished product for weeks on end which is why I'm such a terrible blogger. So instead of sitting idle I thought I'd share that there is progress in the Juicy Zone! And hopefully after the weekend instead of black and white artwork I might have a pretty picture or two to share. Or at the very least some pictures of my cat covered in paint! xo

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Crayon Chick said...

Hi Julie! Fab to hear from you (HRH says Hi). I'm very inspired by your weekend plans. I've just doffed my cap to my Gocco (PG5) with a promise to bring it out to the light of day .. one day. Good luck with your 'play time', can't wait to see the results. x