Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kits and Patterns for Kelani Fabric Obsession

Living in Bathurst and having a full time job makes it a bit tricky for me to do craft shows that start mid-week (even the weekend ones are a challenge for me!) so I am grateful when a fabulous fabric house like (the very appropriately named) Kelani Fabric Obsession offer to stock some of my patterns and kits at a show they are doing. Kelani have a stand at the Craft & Quilt Fair from July 22 - 25 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and will be stocking my "wonky" softie patterns and kits.
I needed another photo for the kit cover so I went to my usual spot at the local fernery (I must look positively mad doing my photo shoot in there) but its the most reliable light source in town on a rainy day like today!

I took a pair of scissors to my sacred fabric stash to make the kits...I love this fabric from Sprout Design, and its a terrifying concept to not be able to get more!

It was hard to use this fabric designed by Bee from the ever-so-fabulous Ink & Spindle, another piece that can't be replaced....oh noooooooo!

And this little guy has fabric from Ink & Spindle and the drool-worthy CLOTH...I am getting a LOT better at not being the dreaded fabric stasher.


Crayon Chick said...

I'm always fighting the urge as The Dreaded Fabric Stasher! I don't know why, the more I use, the sooner I can shop for more ... and the universe will always provide a new favourite when needed. Good luck with that 'Claytons' show!

Chookyblue...... said...

I love the wonkies.........you might want to have a look at the wonkies on my blog.........my girlfriend made up her kit she got at S&C at Syd last year....then I had to make one......and I will be making more........I LOVE them.........have fun in Melbourne
(14th & 16th July posts)