Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yay for the New Year

Every year I vow to be a better blogger and every year I prove I am rubbish at it! Its not that I haven't been crafty, but I tend to work on LOTS of things at once and as a result the actual completion of projects can take a while...then its time to try and get a half decent photo...but I decided to stop obsessing over the photography (did I mention how humbling my Canon SLR is?) and post some progress for a change!
K. So I've been obsessing, as I do every summer, to create a pattern for the perfect summer dress. When I say perfect, translate as follows: cheap, comfy, versatile, and fast: a dress with a bit of shape to it despite having NO ZIPPER! Anyway as I am a bit of an experimentalist when it comes to pattern making, I make friends with making mistakes until I get it right. (Never use precious fabric for an experiment!) So here is my first " mistake" however I've gotten lots of wear out of this little number despite the neck being a bit gapey. Yay for a $2 dress. Excuse dorky snap of me in a tree. (Note the Echino fabric used for the pocket blew my $2 dress budget!)

Finally got a canvas and some cushions done with Lara's lovely birch fabric. This was supposed to be a thank you gift for my Mum for helping me at the Stitches Show in August. It only took 5 months to do this!

Its been 12 months since I visited my friend in Canberra and I'm finally leaving tomorrow for a solo road trip to our nation's capital. No visit would be complete without a juicy treat for her two girls, so in typical fashion they get a new juicyroo tshirt.

Of course in some personalized packaging...prismacolour pencils rock on kraft paper!

Oh yeah, and I also made some beads just for fun:

And I finally mowed my lawn: See?!? I've been busy! Ciao xo


Fox said...

No decomposing dead lizards in the backyard. Well done!!

Handmade said...

WOW - you're a workhorse - love those little tees!