Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kids' Art Classes Ramping Up

Wow. What a spin I am in at the moment!
After another successful round of art classes for kids at Pigments & Palettes Art Shop here in Bathurst, I have finally responded to all the parents who have asked if I run classes throughout the school term.

Starting on Monday I will be hosting weekly classes at the art shop.

I'm pretty excited, just quietly.

I have asked the kids to commit to a "Term" which consists of four classes over an eight week period. It will be FANTASTIC to see the same little faces over four classes! We will be able to build on what we learn - something I have found tricky during the school holiday program because I have no control over who shows up. Sometimes half the class are beginners, and the other half have been coming to my art classes for the entire 2 years! 

I just adore the work these kids do. Here are a couple of favourites from the classes in January 2015:

Above: Sea Turtle by Sophie (age 8)

Above: Butterfly collage by Millie (age 6)

Above: Pelican Collage by Tatem (age 5)

Above: Light Bulb & Moth Collage by Tyra (age 8)

Above: Peacock Feather by Tianna (age 11)

Above: Cute Pooch by Keira (age 9)

Above: Cute Tiger Paper Collage

Above: Gorgeous Owl painting by Sophie (age 8)

Above: Deer by Teagan (age 9)

Above: Puggle by Ruby (age 9)

Above: Iguana by Jack (age 8)

Above: Pirate by Timmy (age 9)

Above: Karla Gerard inspired art by Jess (age 12)

Above: Iguana by Claire (age 12)

Above: Terrace Collage by Keira (age 9)

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