Monday, July 1, 2013

Selling Art

When I pulled back from doing craft shows, I removed the pressure of selling things that I create, and in the process I unleashed a whole new level of creativity. Drawing just for the fun of it. Learning to paint. Approaching things with reckless abandon! Not worrying if it would sell or not. How liberating.

And after doing a few burn outs in the carpark, I slowly, tentatively, submitted my work in a few art shows here and there. And low and behold, I actually sold a few things. Or "moved some units" as my sis-in-law would say. 

I submitted 5 watercolour and gouache paintings to Bathurst's All Saints Art Show in April and I managed to sell 4 of them! I was quietly amazed and grateful and a little bit shocked all at the same time. It is lovely when people you know admire your creations, but there is a whole other level of amazement when a complete stranger is actually willing to part with some cash to acquire a painting. Here is all that is left of a couple of gouache and watercolours that have officially left the building: scans. Oh, and the two new tyres on my car which the proceeds paid for. Practical Julie. That's what they call me :)

I've just finished "Steal Like An Artist" (thanks Snizza) -  an awesome quick read about admiring the talent of others and  regurgitating their ideas in your own style - usually not on purpose! I'd be deluding myself if I didn't admit that Lara Cameron's Birch Forest was a big inspiration for the Juicy Roo Birds above. I just hope I gave it enough individuality to not join the ranks of all the other people who have ripped off her design! 

Anyway! That's it for now. Adios xo

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Anonymous said...

Nice moving of your "units"! I bet they went to happy homes.