Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stitching Just for Fun

I must admit I'm not missing the production slog of stitching in preparation for craft markets. However the itch to stitch still needs to be scratched, so I've been making a few things for gifts lately.

I must get a pic of the state the last bag I made for my sis-in-law ended up in. She loved it, and used it til it was very VERY well worn. So I made her another one, using beloved cloth fabric from my sacred stash. She loved it.

Every bag needs a place to hang your keys. I HATE rummaging.

The denim came from my partner's dad's old jeans. He overheard me saying I like making stuff from recycled denim and on the next visit brought a big bag full of awesome denim for me. Thanks Tony!

Man I SO love this fabric. Cloth rocks. 

I've also been making a few dresses for xmas gifts. This one was for my little friend Zoey in Canada who has delicious Jamacian colouring. I hope it fits her.  And I hope she doesn't look at this blog because it is still no doubt in transit! Well given she is only 5 she probably wont, but her Mum might!? Hi Donna! xo

Plus a little brooch for extra fun.

These are xmas gifts too. I probably shouldn't be blogging just yet! But I think I'm safe. I won't say who they are for...just in case!

I love this pattern. No buttons or zippers...just a tie at the shoulder. I should reference the Butterick pattern. I will, as soon as I find it!

My first ever fabric flowers. 

Same pattern, a bit bigger for her older sister. 
I know, I know. Daisies again. They're just such a fun shape. I never tire of them. 

Ciao for now xo

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