Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Announcement: Gocco Ink is Waterproof...

...just in case you were wondering. I did promise after my last post I'd tell you if gocco ink is waterproof. Turns out it is! And I did the experiment the DAY after my last post, and here is the report two months later. Pretty standard stuff from yours truly. In my defense, I did promise to keep you posted, I just didn't declare a time frame. I wouldn't dare! So technically, I am holding up my end of the bargain.

Funnily enough I wasn't crazy how the prints looked once water-coloured. But it was a good way to clock up some brush miles, as my art guru teacher (the fabulous Merilyn Rice) would say.

I did finish the butterfly pastel painting I posted about a while back. I used an ultra soft and gorgeously vibrant Schmincke pastel for the white dots, which has to be the loveliest of pastels to do finishing touches with. Oh for the love of Schmincke.

And just for fun: 

I've noticed that I seem to place hand crafted softies in pairs. I think they are happier keeping each other company :)

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Michelle Harvey said...

No-one can say you don't keep your word!