Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage Lara Cameron Tote!

OK it might be a stretch to call this fabric Vintage but given its from a while ago, and not available anymore (at least in this colour way) I consider it vintage! It took an important birthday to bring me to be able to take a pair of scissors to this lovely piece of ginko fabric by Ink & Spindle's fabulously talented Lara Cameron. So when my sweet sista-in-law Snizza had a birthday yesterday, I got busy stitching.

In a perfect world I could have made it a smidgeon wider but overall I was happy with it and she loved it so that's the main thing!

A little bit of zipper action:

A spot to hang your keys:

And I'm loving the silver metallic thread these days for top stitching reinforcements! (This thread represents a positive in my ongoing love/hate relationship with Spotlight)


Lara said...

Haha, vintage - I love that!!! And awesome tote, it looks great! Love the stitching. That's one lucky sis in law :)

Juicy Roo said...

You know you've "made it" in the world of textile design when someone describes your fabric as vintage and you are under the age of 30!