Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Closet Fashion Designer

OK I admit it. I am a fashion designer at heart. Coming from someone pretty clueless about fashion in my teenage years, I realize I am now confident wearing what makes me smile, with no thoughts of what anyone else might think. For me, the ultimate clothing design is art mixed with fashion. The brighter the better. I have become a bit of a scribble addict and my sketchbooks are turning into a kaleidoscope of colour in the form of skirts and tshirts. Given my stitching time is so limited, I have to be quite in love with a design to actually take it to the next level (i.e. make it). And the fabric has to be succulent! Product plug: prismacolor pencils have to be the most exquisite ever created. So soft, easy to blend, and intense pigments in more colours than I thought possible in the world of pencils.

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