Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year??

OK So whats the deal with the technology gods and me at the moment? I was beyond horrified when I sat down to get creative yesterday and my imac exploded before my very eyes. Exploded is a strong word, it just went fizzzzzzz and then the screen went blank, and I couldnt turn it back on. I'm devastated. Apple politely inform me that while 2.5 years is not the average lifespan of a $2,400 computer, shit happens. Shit most certainly does happen, and it seems to have happened to me. While I can buy another one, I discovered that my back ups were not quite as comprehensive as one might hope. I know, I know, that part is my fault. How could I have forgotten to back up my website? Oh dear. Anyway, I saw this proverb in a mag and I have decided it will be my mantra for 2009.

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