Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tshirt Neckline

Being the extreme stretch-sewing enthusiast that I am, I tend to strive for perfection. Some may articulate it more as a tendency to obsess over things just a tad. I'm OK with this. It keeps my mind stimulated. The irony is that at the end of the day, its probably more a case of personal preference as to which approach is better. The neckline on this tshirt is a perfect example. This tee is a birthday gift and I simply was not happy with neckline No. 1. I didn't like the way you could see the stitches, even if it was subtle. So I went for the tried and true neckband, which looks a bit gathered in the pic, but once being worn, smooths out to be the perfect combination of comfort and funkiness. Love this Echino fabric by Japanese textile artist Etsuko Furuya. Gorgeous. Happy Birthday Peta!!!

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