Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creative FUNK

As so often happens to me my head is spinning at the moment with too many ideas and not enough time to execute them all! As much as I love my Juicy world, I am finding that drawing stick people is limiting me from exploring my full design potential in other areas. So I've decided to pull back from my greeting card world, and focus on exploring some other mediums.
1. Whip up a set of cards for MOO. (OK maybe this is kind of in my greeting card world, but the rules are NO STICK PEOPLE, NO PANTONE 311, 232 or 113, and HAVE NO INTENTION TO MARKET THEM! This one is JUST FOR FUN!!!)
2. Focus on perfecting the art of pattern making for silk screening on textiles...
3. Buy some fabric ink for last bit of #2
4. Be a more regular blogger
5. Build a lightbox so I can take digital picks when light conditions are less than perfect (ie that is most of the time for me considering I'm stuck in an office when the sun is at its most depressing)
6. Explore new colour combinations!

Ahhhhh....that should get me out of my funk.

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